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A sharp as nails shaper and is definitely going places. We caught up with Kei and asked him a couple questions.
1. Tell us a bit about yourself ?
I grew up in umdloti and still here, haha. Started surfing when I was 5 years old and started shaping in 2018 and have never looked back.

2.  What inspires you when you make new designs or shapes ?
When I watch videos of guys riding different stuff I get super amped and curious on what they are riding. I also get inspired to make alternative surfboards that will work well in decent surf.

3. What makes your shapes unique ?
I feel like I bring a performance feel to alternative designs. I love making Fishes, Logs, Mini Simons and those types of boards, but I want them to almost perform like a standard shortboard.
4. Compared to other surfboards, your boards are actually quite affordable and look damn good at the same time. What is the reason behind it ?
Appearance is everything, for me, when it comes to the sale of a board. I was always taught that your eye buys the board first, and the feeling of riding it is the cherry on the cake. I get my boards made in a factory that has really good material and amazing staff, so the quality is very good. That’s why my boards are in the middle price range.

5. Do you have a favourite model ? Which one ?
I don’t really have a favourite model, that sounds weird to say. I have lots of different board models that work in different surf, so to try pick one would be quite difficult. I would have to say that my best all round board would be the "Takes Two To Tango".
6. What advice would you give other surfers trying to find the perfect board ?
Don’t be scared to try different boards, whether it is a high performance board with a swallow tail or a bat tail. If you don’t go and experiment with different designs then it’s going to be hard to find that magic/perfect board.

7.  What types of new construction techniques excite you ?
I’m getting really amped on carbon wrapping and different placements of carbon on a board. You can get so many different feelings and flex patterns on a board from moving the Carbon around.
8. What does the future hold for Analogy surfboards ?
I guess we are just going to have to see... I’m very happy on how it’s growing at the moment and I can’t wait to see what it turns into.

9. Can you tell us what first inspired you to become a surfboard shaper ?
When I was about 10 a guy in Umdloti broke his longboard, I then took the nose of it home and started hacking away at it. My Grandpa walked down to me 30 minutes into me butchering this thing and quickly took it away before it was destroyed. He then taught me how to sand/ shape it properly. After making that “shorie board” I knew that I wanted to be a shaper. I then got an amazing opportunity from Peter Lawson to go and learn how to shape with him. If it wasn’t for Peter I wouldn’t have my own brand or this awesome job.
10. What was the first board you shaped ?
I don’t know if I would call that “shorie board” my first board I shaped, but the first board that I hand shaped was a 3’6 standup bodyboard. That thing is so much fun.

11. Three words to live by ?
Always be happy!

12. Can we find your boards in a shop? Or where can we buy them ?
My boards are currently sold out of Surf HQ, but I also take orders on my Instagram page aswell. @analogysurfboards
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