BETA LAUNCH Welcome to the Oceaneye beta launch.
We do see some cams going down and we are working on
a more consistent process to give you all 100% reliability...

Watch Film Between the Piers Winter in KZN is probably the best place to be!
Surf Boss


...In fact if you like salt on your skin and want to know where to get your ocean fix, here at Oceaneye we are your real-time channel, connecting you to the Ocean conditions across South Africa and beyond.
Subscribe for new cams, ocean stories and helping us preserve our coastlines. We are in the process of finishing up the rest of the cameras along the Garden route and Cape Town and will be ready shortly! But for now please enjoy the KZN coastlines.

In the shaping bay. Kei Weyer Read

In the shaping bay. Kei Weyer Read

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